Nothern Traditions Podcast With Wacey Arthur e.p. 11

On this Episode Adam catches up with Wacey Arthur. Wacey reached out to Adam  few years ago and dove head first into Traditional Archery. Where lots of people test the waters before they go all in, Wacey dove in and tried many different bows and had some amazing success right off the bat. He has been fortunate enough to take a couple moose, a handful of deer and some giant black bears all in the span of a few seasons. Wacey is a devoted husband and father and regardless of his limited time in the woods, has done an amazing job sticking to his guns and using his time to become an amazing archery and very effective Traditional Bowhunter. We can’t speak more highly of Wacey and his abilities as a Bowhunter and archery, and look forward to sharing him with all of our listeners. Post Script: we look forward to having Wacey back on to discuss his longstanding passion for fur trapping, on a future episode.

Nothern Traditions Podcast With Ben Salleras e.p. 10

On this episode Adam was joined by Ben Salleras, to reflect on some past hunting stories and discuss the vast hunting opportunities available throughout Australian and New Zealand. Ben grew up in a bowhunting family and took to the field as a very young man. A quick look through Ben’s Instagram page tells the story of a devoted and accomplished bowhunter. We hope this podcast ignites in our listeners a desire to travel south and enjoy Australian and Zealand bountiful opportunities.

Nothern Traditions Podcast With Ryan Gill e.p. 9

For our ninth episode Travis Speaks with Ryan Gill a student of the historic arts and successful primitive hunter. They get into the methods and tactics of hunting with primitive tech. Ranging from stone points, to bows, atlatl and other crafted items. Ryan gives insight into the limitations in both weaponry and hunting areas using primitive tools. They also go into the ethics and mindset behind using such items to harvest game. Hunting stories are also shared throughout the episode. Hope you enjoy.


You can find Ryan’s content on:

instagram: huntprimitive

youtube: huntprimitive


Northern Traditions Podcast with Adam Brennan and Travis Bower – e.p. 8 Sheep talk

On this episode Adam and Travis talk about this seasons sheep encounters. Travis goes into his scouting and time on the mountain getting into Bighorn sheep. The two of them go over Travis’s plans for the coming season to get in close on a Albertan bighorn during a two week hunt. Adam goes through his multiple Yukon Dall Sheep hunts he has done this year already. He shares his experiences and adventure as well as his success chasing these majestic animals. Very special episode with many years and even more miles leading up these stories.

Northern Traditions Podcast with Wayne Nicol – ep. 7

On this episode Adam is joined by Wayne Nicol, owner of True Shaft Archery. Adam and Wayne accidentally crossed paths, after a common friend put Adam on the trail of a long since forgotten compressed cedar arrow shaft. Wayne shares some stories of his life in Africa, and Haida Gwaii  where he now calls home. Wayne also dives deep into his archery business True Shaft archery, and his new plan to bring Forgewood shafts back to life.

Northern Traditions Podcast with Julie Walker – Ep.6

In this episode Travis sits down with edible plant expert Julie Walker. Julie is an IGA certified, professional hiking guide and nature educator. She has interpreted nature to elders, kids and adults in Southern Alberta for more than 25 years. Julie has explored the plants of the Prairie, Foothills, Montane, Sub-Alpine and Alpine eco-regions. Sharing her knowledge about this flora, especially the edible plants, has become her passion.

Julie loves teaching,” everything you need to know”, about using wild edible plants; identification, growing locations, wildlife plants, sustainable harvesting and how to plant wild edibles in your own garden. Her goal is to help you discover the wisdom of native plants and become a plant ally.

Northern Traditions Podcast with Adam Brennan and Travis Bower – ep. 5

Adam and Travis share this episode together discussing bow setup’s and shoot styles. Each dive into arrow setup, gear used, bows, broadheads and some shooting theory. To wrap up the episode the two go through there spring bear hunts in both Alberta and the Yukon.

Northern Traditions Podcast with Abe Penner – ep. 4

On this episode Adam talks with Abe Penner Owner and Bowyer at Cari-bow Custom Recurves Bows and Custom Longbows. They touch on Abe’s earlier years as both a bowhunter and new Bowyer. They also discuss Abe’s current line of recurves and longbows. Abe is an amazing wealth of traditional knowledge, we hope you enjoy his story, and look forward to recording with him again.

Northern Traditions Podcast with Donny Dust – Episode 3

On this episode of the Northern Traditions Podcast, Travis talks with primitive skills instructor Donny Dust. Donny has been practicing and pursuing the skills of our ancestors for many years and is an expert on the subject. They talk about flint knapping, making primitive tools, hunting mindsets,  and how primitive skills can be implemented in the modern hunting context. Donny is a wealth of information which shows through in the stories he shares about his walk-abouts in southern Colorado. Adam and Travis hope you enjoy this episode and that you can take away some new ideas to implement in your own outdoor adventures.

Northern Traditions Podcast with Bert Frelink – Episode 2

On episode two of The Northern Traditions podcast Adam was joined by longtime friend and mentor Bert Frelink from southern Alberta, Canada. Bert has been a Bowyer for several decades, and builds stunning selfbows, custom wood arrows, and laminated longbows and recurves through his company Quartermoon Longbows. On this episode Bert walked Adam through the process of building a selfbow, from wood and material selection, to tools required, all the way through to proper selfbow care, as well as a few stories along the way. Travis and Adam hope you all enjoy this podcast, and look forward to any feed back.