Monthly Archives: June 2018

Northern Traditions Podcast with Abe Penner – ep. 4

On this episode Adam talks with Abe Penner Owner and Bowyer at Cari-bow Custom Recurves Bows and Custom Longbows. They touch on Abe’s earlier years as both a bowhunter and new Bowyer. They also discuss Abe’s current line of recurves and longbows. Abe is an amazing wealth of traditional knowledge, we hope you enjoy his story, and look forward to recording with him again.

Northern Traditions Podcast with Donny Dust – Episode 3

On this episode of the Northern Traditions Podcast, Travis talks with primitive skills instructor Donny Dust. Donny has been practicing and pursuing the skills of our ancestors for many years and is an expert on the subject. They talk about flint knapping, making primitive tools, hunting mindsets,  and how primitive skills can be implemented in the modern hunting context. Donny is a wealth of information which shows through in the stories he shares about his walk-abouts in southern Colorado. Adam and Travis hope you enjoy this episode and that you can take away some new ideas to implement in your own outdoor adventures.

Northern Traditions Podcast with Bert Frelink – Episode 2

On episode two of The Northern Traditions podcast Adam was joined by longtime friend and mentor Bert Frelink from southern Alberta, Canada. Bert has been a Bowyer for several decades, and builds stunning selfbows, custom wood arrows, and laminated longbows and recurves through his company Quartermoon Longbows. On this episode Bert walked Adam through the process of building a selfbow, from wood and material selection, to tools required, all the way through to proper selfbow care, as well as a few stories along the way. Travis and Adam hope you all enjoy this podcast, and look forward to any feed back.

Northern Traditions Podcast Intro – Episode 1

Welcome to the Northern Traditions Podcast. Adam and Travis thank you for tuning into our podcast as we just start up. In this episode we discuss our reasons for starting a podcast, get into a little background about ourselves. You know, its an intro episode. We are very excited to start releasing episodes, for we have been working on a few for some time.

To get a hold of us feel free to email at:   We appreciate any insights you may have on this and episodes to come. If you have audio experience, tips would be appreciated to enhance our quality.