Monthly Archives: September 2018

Nothern Traditions Podcast With Ryan Gill e.p. 9

For our ninth episode Travis Speaks with Ryan Gill a student of the historic arts and successful primitive hunter. They get into the methods and tactics of hunting with primitive tech. Ranging from stone points, to bows, atlatl and other crafted items. Ryan gives insight into the limitations in both weaponry and hunting areas using primitive tools. They also go into the ethics and mindset behind using such items to harvest game. Hunting stories are also shared throughout the episode. Hope you enjoy.


You can find Ryan’s content on:

instagram: huntprimitive

youtube: huntprimitive


Northern Traditions Podcast with Adam Brennan and Travis Bower – e.p. 8 Sheep talk

On this episode Adam and Travis talk about this seasons sheep encounters. Travis goes into his scouting and time on the mountain getting into Bighorn sheep. The two of them go over Travis’s plans for the coming season to get in close on a Albertan bighorn during a two week hunt. Adam goes through his multiple Yukon Dall Sheep hunts he has done this year already. He shares his experiences and adventure as well as his success chasing these majestic animals. Very special episode with many years and even more miles leading up these stories.