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Nothern Traditions Podcast With Wacey Arthur e.p. 11

On this Episode Adam catches up with Wacey Arthur. Wacey reached out to Adam  few years ago and dove head first into Traditional Archery. Where lots of people test the waters before they go all in, Wacey dove in and tried many different bows and had some amazing success right off the bat. He has been fortunate enough to take a couple moose, a handful of deer and some giant black bears all in the span of a few seasons. Wacey is a devoted husband and father and regardless of his limited time in the woods, has done an amazing job sticking to his guns and using his time to become an amazing archery and very effective Traditional Bowhunter. We can’t speak more highly of Wacey and his abilities as a Bowhunter and archery, and look forward to sharing him with all of our listeners. Post Script: we look forward to having Wacey back on to discuss his longstanding passion for fur trapping, on a future episode.