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Northern Traditions Podcast E.p. 18 Rye Johnson

On this episode Adam was joined by Alberta outfitter and Northwest Territories guide Rye Johnson. Rye and his brothers are accomplished hunters with impressive resumes hunting trophy Dall’s and Bighorn sheep, as well as some of the most impressive mule deer and and mule deer country this world has to offer. This episode highlights the tips and tricks Rye finds helpful within his pursuit of sheep and deer. This episode is a must listen for anyone looking to hunt the north for sheep or the west for giant mule deer.

Northern Traditions Podcast E.p. 17 Ryan Kohatsu

On this Episode Adam caught up with Ryan Kohatsu. Ryan has hunted Hawaii extensively and has an impressive list of traditional and modern bowhunting experiences. Ryan’s passion for Hawaiian hunting comes through in this episode as his exposes Adam and the listeners to some of the management practices currently being implemented in Hawaii. Ryan discusses in detail each species of game animal, and their availability to hunters. He addresses each islands specific species and hunting opportunities, all of this done with his local knowledge and experience to help future bowhunters land in Hawaii with the best opportunity possible to find success. We at Northern Traditions are happy to have created this relationship with Ryan. We look forward to future recordings with him and gathering for a hunt in the not so distant future.

Northern Traditions Podcast e.p. 16 Nick Di Francesco

On this episode Travis talks with Nick Di Francesco of Blackwater Bushcraft. Nick was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. He got a kick start into the outdoors by working for the world renowned guiding company Red Lake Outfitters. Nick credits many of his skill and comfort in the woods to his time working as a guide in northern Ontario. Since his time there, he has been ever expanding his skills in the back country. He enjoys the woods through canoe trips and trips where he brings just minimal gear. His attitude is on point and is a humble man for how much he truly does know. We hope that you can hear the love of the woods this guy has when he talks, and that you can implement that same attitude in your own forests. Nick is a true ambassador for the woods and we truly appreciate him for coming on the show.

Northern Traditions Podcast e.p. 15 Kevin Kossowan

For this episode Travis is joined by Kevin Kossowan, Albertan native and founder of From the Wild. The two talk mostly on Kevin’s online show, From The Wild. In this series Kevin has traveled across Canada, hunting and foraging to create amazing culinary dishes. He takes out renowned chefs on extended day hunting trips, that truly produce some amazing table fare. Their crew puts together amazing meals from the local ecosystem based on solid woodsmanship. Cooking, foraging, ecology, adventure, camps, hunting and grouse are all topics of this episode. Kevin is a wealth of knowledge in regards to Wild food and the dude can put up some amazing camps. We hope you enjoy this episode and that it may give inspiration to your own dinner plate.

Northern Traditions Podcast e.p. 14 Dan Jackson

On this episode Adam is joined by Dan Jackson, they spend the first half discussing Dan’s journey as a bowhunter, and his progression to traditional archery. The also discuss his pursuit of Bighorn Sheep and backpack hunting in foothills and Rocky Mountains of Alberta. In the second half Dan shares his experience this past fall hunting Bighorn Sheep in the historical significant Canmore archery zone. A high pressure low percentage hunt he took on carrying a recurve not to dissimilar to the one carried by histories greats like Fred Bear when he hunted the same mountains. Dan’s passion for achieving his personal goals is inspiring and we at NTP hope you all enjoy this conversation as much as we did

Northern Traditions Podcast e.p. 13 Jason Cox

On this Episode Adam was joined by Jason Cox, of Colorado. Jason is an avid wildlife photographer and Traditional bowhunter. Jason shares his experience hunting buffalo, elk, and a recent trip to Africa. They also covered some of his photography and some of the interesting species he is able to photograph seeming out of his back door. Jason did an amazing job painting the picture of each hunt through his story telling style. Oh and it didn’t take long for the heroes of archery’s past to come up.

Nothern Traditions Podcast With Dylan Wanta e.p. 12

Dylan is a knife maker located in southern Colorado. He started early in his twenties with a humble forge pursuing the craft of knife making. He now produces beautiful functional art pieces inspired mostly by Scandinavian knife designs. In this episode Travis talks with Dylan about his work, and all thing knives. The two go through Dylans story, knife making, knife functions, types of knives and a few stories thrown in. We hope you can hear this mans passion for his craft, and how he has dedicated his life to the mastery of it from a young age. This was one of Travis’s first recordings so the audio may be a little rough but the content stands. Big thanks to Dylan for coming on the show, check out his work at: @wantaforge on Instagram.

Nothern Traditions Podcast With Wacey Arthur e.p. 11

On this Episode Adam catches up with Wacey Arthur. Wacey reached out to Adam  few years ago and dove head first into Traditional Archery. Where lots of people test the waters before they go all in, Wacey dove in and tried many different bows and had some amazing success right off the bat. He has been fortunate enough to take a couple moose, a handful of deer and some giant black bears all in the span of a few seasons. Wacey is a devoted husband and father and regardless of his limited time in the woods, has done an amazing job sticking to his guns and using his time to become an amazing archery and very effective Traditional Bowhunter. We can’t speak more highly of Wacey and his abilities as a Bowhunter and archery, and look forward to sharing him with all of our listeners. Post Script: we look forward to having Wacey back on to discuss his longstanding passion for fur trapping, on a future episode.

Nothern Traditions Podcast With Ben Salleras e.p. 10

On this episode Adam was joined by Ben Salleras, to reflect on some past hunting stories and discuss the vast hunting opportunities available throughout Australian and New Zealand. Ben grew up in a bowhunting family and took to the field as a very young man. A quick look through Ben’s Instagram page tells the story of a devoted and accomplished bowhunter. We hope this podcast ignites in our listeners a desire to travel south and enjoy Australian and Zealand bountiful opportunities.

Nothern Traditions Podcast With Ryan Gill e.p. 9

For our ninth episode Travis Speaks with Ryan Gill a student of the historic arts and successful primitive hunter. They get into the methods and tactics of hunting with primitive tech. Ranging from stone points, to bows, atlatl and other crafted items. Ryan gives insight into the limitations in both weaponry and hunting areas using primitive tools. They also go into the ethics and mindset behind using such items to harvest game. Hunting stories are also shared throughout the episode. Hope you enjoy.


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